Call for Artists/Artisans for CPS Teacher Database

Chicago Title VII is collaborating with the Northeastern Chicago Teachers Center to provide Native American cultural workshops/sessions to local schools for local Native American artisans/artists. Paid stipends are available.

Chicago Title VII is looking for Chicago-based, Native American artisans and artists for an upcoming Native American Artists Contact List for publication and citywide distribution to schools for use in the classrooms. If a CPS teacher is in need of a Native American speaker or presenter then they will have quick access to you!

We are looking for Native American, Chicago-based artisans, including: beadwork, quillwork, regalia making, weaving, pottery, jewelry/silver-smithing, basketry, drumming, crafts making, traditional singing, traditional dancing and storytelling. We would like information from Chicago-based Native dance troupes as well.

We are also looking for Native American, Chicago-based artists, including: painting, drawing, pastels, paper, musicians, singers, actors, comedians, video artists, performance artists, modern dancers, sculptors, graphic artists, computer artists, DJ’s, rappers, models and filmmakers.

Once we have a sizable database established, T7 will host a workshop on what CPS teachers are looking for as well as a general meet-up. So, keep your eyes here to the T7 Blog for more information.

If you are interested in being listed in this publication and database and are available for these sessions; please contact to Ernest M. Whiteman III, Cultural Resource Specialist at to receive an application form.

NOTE: Put “Artisan Database Form request” in Subject line. Possible online form coming to this post soon.

For more information:
Chicago Title VII American Indian Education Program
4420 North Beacon Street, Room #221
Chicago, IL 60640

Looking forward to hearing from our local artisans and artists!


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