Robot Uprising: Robopocalypse Reviewed

Robot Apocalyspe!Reviewed by Ernest M. Whiteman III, T7 Cultural Resource Specialist

I just finished reading Daniel H. Wilsons’ Robopocalypse and must say that I enjoyed it very much. It reads like “World War Z” in which it is a story told from multiple points of view. The personal stories of how robots revolted against humanity and how humanity regrouped and fought back is well crafted and easy to follow.

Wilson, who has an advanced degree in robotics, does not over laden the prose with technical jargon but makes it clear what the robots do and how they function. This one will probably going to go on my yearly “Best of…” list for 2012 books.

Steven Spielberg got the motion picture rights to this even before it was published and plans to direct it. Man, I wish I could as it involves some Natives in the story. I highly recommend this book!

This book will be part of the T7 Summer Program’s “Real Indian Kids Read” Guided Reading Program! Look for a future post for sign-up info. Also, the book has been requested as part of the T7 Reading Stars Family Book Club. Stay Tuned!


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