Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

Yesterday, we went on a field trip to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio located at 951 Chicago Avenue Oak Park, IL 60302

Here are our students waiting for the tour of the house to start. Image

This is our tour guide in front of the house. She explained to us that the house and work studio in the background was the first of its kind in American architecture. Wright lived in the house and worked in the studio from 1889 until 1909. The house featured breath taking geometry and world class woodworking throughout the house


There were some concerns that i had with the house. In the bedroom were two murals that depicted American Indian women. The Museum was proud of the fact that they restored the murals by removing 8 layers of paint that accumulated from 1909 until the mid 1970’s. In the children’s bedroom was a book, The Spy, which had a classic Native American head logo on it. I was also  taken back that Wright used “Cherokee Red” for a lot of his houses.  Below is a picture of one of the murals I found on an internet picture archive. 

The architecture is top-notch and Wright deserves credit for that. I can not get over how Americans in the early 1900’s not only romanticized Native Americans but profited from the use of the stereotypes of American Indians.


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