Ojibway Language Class Tonight


There will be a light dinner at 5:30pm and class will start at 6pm.

For more information regarding Nin Kiidiwin check this link or call 773-509-2344


3 thoughts on “Ojibway Language Class Tonight

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  2. Hello. I am from Arizona and I am interested in learning the language of my father’s tribe the Ojibwa. Being in the west, there aren’t a lot of options out here for learning that specific language. I saw this class was happening from Facebook from Native News Online. I am so eager to learn however lost on where to start as I will be at a very beginning stage. Please help.


    • Hello. Thank you for your interest. The Ojibway program is only about three weeks in and as a pilot program the materials are still being organized and tested on the students. I will bring this message to the instructors attention and see what they suggest. You can send your email address to mmrickert@cps.edu so I can get the information back to you. Thanks again!


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