ED506 Campaign

Dear Parent or Guardian,

This letter is from the Chicago Public Schools Title VII American Indian Education Program. We have been informed that your child is listed as American Indian/Alaska Native within the CPS Student Information Management System. Our office reviews this information annually to contact students and families of the resources and upcoming program events you may be eligible to participate in.

In order for your child and your family to participate in our program’s activities an ED 506 form must be completed. A copy of the form is included in this packet given to your child. A completed ed_506_form should include your child’s:

  • Name
  • School Name
  • Tribal Affiliation/Nation (must be a federally recognized tribe)
  • Name of Individual with Tribal membership
  • Proof of membership, enrollment number
  • Name and address of Tribal Enrollment Office
  • Parent Signature
  • Date of Signature

Please return all completed forms to your school office or fax them to the Title VII office at Field Elementary School. If your child has been incorrectly listed in the CPS system please contact your school office clerk to correct your child’s ethnic codes. If you have any questions, or if you would like to visit our office, please contact the CPS Title VII American Indian Education Program.

Pidamiya (Thank You),

Lisa Bernal

Program Manager

Title VII American Indian Education Program



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