ATTENTION: TONIGHT’S Title VII CAIEC Advisory Council Meeting has been CANCELED


The Title VII American Indian Education Program and Citywide American Indian Education Council would like to invite our Parents and families to attend our Parent meeting.  The meeting will be December 14, 2016 at 6:00 p.m., held at the American Indian Center, Education Room, 1630 W. Wilson.

The Title VII Program would like to welcome and congratulate the newly Appointed members:

  • Parent – Adam Sings In The Timber (Beaubien ES)
  •  Parent – Tanya Mrini  (Dirksen ES)
  • Community Representative – Samantha Selby, CIMC Youth Coordinator

The CAIEC Advisory Council is comprised of seven (7) Parents, two (2) Community Representatives, one (1) Teacher and one (1) Youth Ambassador. 

What we do:

  Our goal is to support American Indian students by ensuring that services provided by the Title VII Indian Education Formula Grant program continue to contribute to the academic success of each American Indian or Alaska Native student in the Chicago Public School.

Who we are:

  American Indian families and community members of the Chicago students who have an ED 506 eligibility form on file with the Chicago Public Schools, Office of Language and Cultural Education.  This allows us to serve as a advisory council for the Title VII Indian Education Formula Grant Program.

For more information, please contact the T7 office at 773-534-2735 or email Lisa Bernal, Program Manager at


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