Beading & Sewing Circle Continues

As announced last week, due to popular demand, we have extended Beading & Sewing Circle for another 4 week session. This is the 2nd extension to this program and we are thrilled to do so because of the large community turnout and engagement. We have really been having a great time coming together learning, teaching each other, laughing and eating.

This week, we wanted to share some of the work that has been done over the past few weeks:

Community member, Patricia X., is showing off her large beaded medallion piece she completed last night. We were excited to see the final product!


First time beader, Chantay M., completed these earrings for her daughter


First time beader and sewer, Bonita L., working on a beaded hair barrette and regalia pieces for her son.


Earrings on the left made by experienced beader 7th grader, Asya H. and earrings on the right made by experienced beader Lisa B.


Forrest B. made the tobacco pouch, beaded the edging and started beading another project


Join us for the next 2 scheduled sessions, 4th session date still to be determined


Beading and Sewing Circle Spring 2017 2nd session