We are proud to announce, today, the Chicago Public Schools​ Board voted to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day on the school calendar!

Here is a quote from the American Indian Center of Chicago’s Facebook post today:

At today’s Chicago Public School Board Meeting, over 5,700 signatures were delivered and twelve speakers shared their support for Chicago Public Schools to abolish Columbus Day from the 2020-21 school calendar and officially recognize the 2nd Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day. (This school year both Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples Day shared that 2nd Monday). The School Board showcased an act of solidarity by officially making the change today and voting that the 2nd Monday of October only be known as Indigenous Peoples Day.

Today we get to celebrate our first win for the IPD Movement here in Chicago. While this is the first step for a more equitable city the fight is not over and we will continue to push for change in our city, county, and state.

This has been a fight for at least the last 2 years and we are so proud of all of our community members and stakeholders for never giving up to push the district to recognize the TRUE history of who Columbus was and what he represented to Natives in America

Read the article below from the Chicago Tribue that also quotes our Program Manager, Lisa Bernal, sharing about another CPS policy we are advocating to change regarding their public art displays within different CPS administrative offices and schools that are offensive and do not accurately represent the district’s diverse student population including Native student population.



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