Citywide American Indian Education Council (CAIEC)

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The Citywide American Indian Education Council (CAIEC) serves the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) American Indian Education Program in a comprehensive oversight and management capacity regarding Title VI Indian Education Formula Grant Program. Specific duties of the CAIEC may include, but are not limited to, the following: Monitor program performance; make recommendations, as needed; participate in the evaluation of program(s) and proposal(s) and in carrying out their project functions, CAIEC members serve as representatives of the community.  As such, reporting the following back to that community regarding the program:

  1. To make parents aware of and facilitate their participation in local committees pertaining to the needs of Native American students, other committees, and events related to their education;
  2. To identify needs and determine priorities regarding education programs and cultural enrichment education;
  3. To facilitate communication among the Native American parents and community involved in academic support services and communicate feedback; and
  4. To support and educate members of local schools pertaining to any needs addressing the Native American population.

CAIEC is comprised of 11 council members who serve a 2 year term: seven (7) elected parent/legal guardian representatives; two (2) elected community representatives; two (2) elected CPS teacher representative; and one (1) appointed high school representative who has non-voting rights. Representative requirements are as follows:

  • Parent/Legal Guardian representatives must have a Native student enrolled in a Chicago Public School, have a valid ED 506 Form on file with Tribal Affiliation/Nation for the child (must be a U.S. federally recognized tribe)
  • Community representatives must be of a community organization or group, community leaders, and other individuals with an interest in American Indian education programs and must reside within the City of Chicago
  • Teacher representative must have current teaching credentials on file with CPS

On February 21, 2018, we held our annual public forum to present data, program initiatives, and review current successes and opportunities. Here’s a link to the  Annual Public Forum Presentation 2-21-18 we shared and presented. Please contact us directly with any questions.

On February 15, 2017, new council members were elected to start a new term, beginning July 1, 2017. Please read our official election statement CAIEC Elected Member Letter dtd 2-24-17

End of Year Report June 2017