Call for Proposals- 2018 Urban Native Education Conference

2018 CAICC Education Conference Flyer
2018 Urban Indian Education Conference
Theme: Identity, Kinship, and Belonging
May 5, 2018
Northwestern University, Parkes Hall
1870 Sheridan Road, Evanston, IL 60208


Conference Description:
The organizers of this conference are situated in urban Indian Chicago, by which they mean that their focus, research, teaching, and service is working for and with American Indian people and communities in Chicagoland. With more than 70% of the Indigenous population of the U.S. living primarily in urban settings, it is clear that urban Indian education is a significant reality. We created a theme– identity, kinship, belonging – that is broad and encompassing but also allows and encourages you to relate the theme to your particular area of interest and expertise. For example, Indian identity is fraught with legal, cultural, conceptual, and regional (reservation vs. rural vs. urban?) complications that tie into issues of kinship (can clans exist off-reservation?; how do I identify as kin when I’m a guest in another Indigenous territory?), and the experience of belonging (is belonging synonymous with inclusion?; if I’m “multiracial,” to whom do I belong?). Scholars/educators proposing a single paper will be assigned to a panel by the conference organizers. We look forward to a range of proposals tackling the theme of Identity, Kinship, Belonging as relevant to urban Indian education.*

Due Date: Friday, March 9th.
For more information and for proposal guidelines, visit

*We recognize that the terminology of “Nativeness” is complicated and apologize if the terms “Native” and “Indian” are offensive to the reader. We acknowledge that our relations in Canada prefer to use the terms “First Nations” and “Aboriginal.” Where possible, we use the tribal/band/nation name of the person or group.

Download flyer HERE


Apply now for ‘Young Native Leaders’ program!

Youth Leadership Meeting (1)Youth Leaders flyer

St. Kateri Center & CPS AIEP: Youth Leadership Program

 What is it? A group of students who want to become more involved in Native community programs and develop their leadership and professional skills. We want students to take ownership over the program so it can really be whatever they want it to be. It will be an opportunity to build a program from the ground up!

Who can join? We are looking for Native students in grades 6-12. If your child is not in this range and you think we should make an exception, please contact us.

What exactly will students do? There are many opportunities for student involvement!

  1. Both programs will have ‘jobs’ for students. These ‘jobs’ will vary and students will receive stipends for their work. There are several working options for Native American Heritage Month and we will release a job calendar soon.
  2. We want to send youth delegates to conferences and other public events. Students will have the chance to attend national conferences and represent our programs.
  3. The groups will be asked to complete some kind of ‘giving back’ project by the end of the school year. The idea of this project will come from the students, but some possibilities are: a fundraiser for a specific cause; a construction project for a local Native community or building; a public art project etc.

How to join? Apply HERE. The application is very short (should take about 5 minutes) and we do not plan to deny applicants. It is only a way for us to make sure that students are actually committed to participating.

Please contact Forrest Bruce (CPS AIEP) or Lisa Franqui (St. Kateri Center) if you have any questions or concerns.

Forrest:, 773.534.2735

Lisa:, 773.509.2344

Here’s a calendar of regularly scheduled activities the youth participate in a leadership capacity:

Feb 2018 calendar

Lunar New Year, Year of the Dog

This Saturday, join us in participating and performing at the Lunar New Year, St Andrew Church, 5649 N. Sheridan Rd at 1:30 pm.  This is a Free event and open to the Public.


Lakota/Dakota Language Workshop

Free language class open to families and community members!
Friday, 5pm -dinner will be served, class from 6-8pm
Saturday, 10am class starts, lunch at 12pm, remaining class until 5pm

Lakota Language (1)

CPS families, sign up now for our Spring Break Program!

spring break flyer

This year’s theme is “Exploring My Identity”

Tuesday- Screenprinting Art Workshop
Wednesday- Indian Land Dancing Bricolge Mural Exploration field trip at Foster Avenue underpass on Lake Shore Drive
Thursday- Field trip to the Field Museum
Friday- Dakota/Lakota Language class

Students will need to bring their own tree nut-free lunch each day. Please RSVP with Lisa to reserve your spot, or call 773-553-6598.

Sign Up- Free Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

American Indian Health Service of Chicago is hosting a free Youth Mental Health First Aid training on March 15 & 16! Register online –>

MHFA flyer MARCH2018MHFA flyer MARCH2018

Mellon Native American Scholars Initiative (NASI) Undergraduate Internship at American Philosophical Society Library

Download Application and learn more HERE

The Native American Scholars Initiative (NASI) Undergraduate Summer Internship provides an opportunity for three talented undergraduates to conduct research, to explore career possibilities in archives and special collections, and to learn about advanced training in Native American and Indigenous Studies and related fields. This eight-week paid internship program at the American Philosophical Society Library in Philadelphia will offer a hands-on research experience and will include mentorship and networking opportunities. The APS Library has rich and varied collections related to over 440 different Indigenous cultures throughout the Americas. Working with mentors, interns will develop their own archives-based projects or pursue research projects identified by the Indigenous communities with which the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR) interacts and collaborates.
The 2018 NASI Summer Internship will take place from June 17 to August 11, 2018. During this time students will work at the APS Library and will also have the opportunity to travel to Native communities to share their work. NASI Summer Interns will join a vibrant intellectual community at the APS that includes other scholars working with Native American and Indigenous materials as well as undergraduate summer interns and library fellows from different scholarly fields.
Interns will receive a stipend ranging between $3000 and $3500 (depending on housing costs). Several college campuses in Philadelphia offer summer housing for interns; the APS will work with NASI interns to identify housing and will help facilitate payment. Additionally, the internship includes a travel allowance.